Natural Pastures Aged Farmhouse

This is the beginning of beautiful marriage between Natural Pastures Aged Farmhouse cheese, pancetta and macaroni. We all need to take the time and make our own homemade mac and cheese so we can experiment with the wonderful melting qualities of real cheese.

Photo by canadiancheese

Photo by canadiancheese

Natural Pastures artisan cheeses are known for having a unique, robust taste attributed to the terroir
developed from the pristine soils, waters and pastures created in B.C’s spectacular Comox Valley.
They only use fresh milk produced on their selected Heritage Dairy Farms, which practice sustainable farming and animal stewardship. The designation means that the farmers must be good stewards of the land and raise animals that are stress free and live in a healthy environment. The cows feed on the local grass and herbs, perpetually watered by the Pacific Ocean. The combination of the different ecosystems make for a unique milk.

Aged Farmhouse smells like cultured butter and tastes like caramel and toffee. The texture is crumbly and firm but melts instantly and coats the entire mouth in sweet, full flavour.