Alfred Le Fermier

Photo by canadiancheese

Meet my new best friend, Alfred. He’s sure to be the star of the show at your next party. At first, he may come off as tad stinky, reminiscent of a wood barn, but his sweet, chewy paste will win you over instantly. The flavour of fresh roasted hazelnut persists to the last bite and even has the tannin tickle you would get from the skin.

I picked up Alfred at the Great Canadian Cheese Festival last weekend from the strapping lads at Fromagerie La Station. They strive to produce alpine cheese inspired from the great Comté and Tommes of France. It is named after Alfred Boduc, the founder of Boduc farm and the first ancestor to settle in the Compton region of Quebec. A single herd of Holstein cows which are raised on their certified Organic pastures, create the milk for this farmstead cheese. It is then matured on wooden boards for eight months.

I enjoyed it with Barley Days Brewery County IPA which I purchased on my way to Bloomfield. Alfred’s not shy and helped bring out the sweet, fun side of this hoppy beer.



Photo by canadiancheese

As much as I love cheese, justifying a piece priced at more than $90/kg takes some convincing. I have been to the Kootenays in B.C and I know that it is one of the most pristine places in the world. The air is fresh and views are breathtaking. As the cheese monger at About Cheese explained that this is a true farmstead cheese, made from raw, organic milk, lovingly rubbed by hand, I could picture it perfectly. After letting it come to room temperature, I cut up some of my wild boar salumi and went to work on the cheese. Although it was a young piece, the sweet, nuttiness came through and paired well with the fatty, peppery meat.

Made using the age old recipe of a Beaufort d’Alpage from France, this could be a cheese worthy of it’s own designation. The list of wonderful things about this cheese is long and warrants visiting the Kootenay Alpine Cheese Co. website for the full details.