Blue Juliette


Photo by canadiancheese

Blue Juliette has captured another admirer…she is pungent and earthy with lots of mushroom and soil flavours on the exterior and an ultra creamy paste that I chose to pair with my fig crackers from The Fine Cheese Co. and Stasis Preserves Black Walnuts in honey.  Her craggy, natural rind is unusual to see on a surface ripened, soft cheese but it makes a beautiful addition to a cheese plate that needs some earthy elements.                                                                                                                        Salt Spring Island Cheese Company has a no nonsense message about their business. “We simply believe that a better kind of food business is one that reflects both good community and good food, as the two frequently go together.” They have been making cheese since 1994 and craft their products from goat and sheep cheese. They are best known for goat chévre that has been molded to look like a créme caramel dessert and available in a variety of flavours ranging from Basil, Chili, Garlic, Lemon, Pepper, and White Truffle.  The plain also comes decorated with an edible flower that makes the perfect hostess gift.


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  1. Normally I do not like blue cheeses, but I was introduced to Blue Juliet by a local cheese monger as an introduction to blue cheese. This is now the only blue cheese I will have. I recommend it to anyone who is wanting to try a blue.

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