Tête à Papineau

papineau-louis-joseph-809“Ça prend pas la tête à Papineau”.  I hope I never encounter anyone who uses this expression with me. Apparently, you don’t understand what is happening.  I’m pretty sure this cheese knows and may even make you smarter…

Fromagerie Montebello ripens this cheese from 35 days to 2 months before it is released. My friend who came by for dinner happen to catch it after a couple of hours out on the counter and was amazed at how mild and creamy it was. She actually threatened to replace her Brie with it!  It has the same buttery flavours, without the harsh aromas of a ripened rind.

The two gentlemen who started Montebello, Alain Boyer and Guy Boucher, began as co-workers and eventually forged a new relationship as partners. Alain, as a Plaisance trained cheese maker, and Guy as a trained accountant who takes care of the financial aspects.

It has been said that “people used to drink Papineau’s words”. He was motivational and inspiring. I would like to drink a pint of dark ale to commemorate this tête.

Photo by canadiancheese

Photo by canadiancheese


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