Thunder Oak Gouda

Photo by canadiancheese

Who knew Thunder Bay made cheese? I didn’t until I tried Thunder Oak Gouda. This cheese is available in a variety of different styles and ages all of which are made using traditional techniques from the Schep families award winning recipes.

About Cheese in Toronto has the full line of these Goudas. I chose the standard 2yr old for my cheese plate and it was a hit!   We served it along side a peach and garlic chutney with grainy crackers and a nice bowl of red grapes. This cheese has a fudge-like consistency with strong caramel and burnt sugar flavours followed by savoury caramelized onion and umami soy undertones. It’s complexity and richness would pair well with a lighter, bitter pilsner beer or a darker ale.

The Schep family immigrated to Canada in 1981. Margaret Schep’s mother was a World Champion Cheese maker in the 70’s and her brother still continues the cheese making business back in Holland. This cheese is a fine example of traditional, old world cheese style continuing in a new world environment.


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