Le Mont-Jacob

After a long, hard day of brunch at Hammersmith’s, drinking beer and shopping in the local food shops, we decided dinner would be a cheese and meat plate. When I popped in to Leslieville Cheese Market I immediately knew what I wanted. A Trappist style, soft washed cheese with a creamy paste. Le Mont-Jacobs was the answer. The rind smells like burnt cheese and earth. It’s aroma is medium intensity so you could easily add this to a cheese plate without offending anyone. The paste is creamy and complex, ranging from vegetal, fresh peas and cabbage to yeasty bread and coffee near the rind. We had a nice ale to serve with this and it was a perfect pairing. I would also enjoy this cheese with some hearty brown bread and coffee in the morning.

Photo by canadiancheese

Le Mont-Jacob was a grand prize winner in its category at the 2011 Cheese Grand Prix and has been recognized in England and the U.S. as a champion cheese. The Fromagerie Blackburn is located in Jonquiére, Quebec and the milk comes from the Saguenay -Lac -Saint-Jean area, about three hours north of Quebec City.


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