Monforte Dairy Bliss with Tarragon

I picked up this cheese, known unofficially as “a-nise” cheese, partly due it’s liquorice notes and because it’s a-nice cheese. As far as I know, you can only buy it at Brickworks directly from Ruth- and not always available. I would like to request that she puts this cheese on the market for all to enjoy.

Photo by canadiancheese


This soft, bloomy rind cheese is rolled in tarragon which imparts anise,liquorice and lavender flavours that linger and mingle with the triple cream, velvety smooth, meaty, paste. This cheese is made in the spring with sheep milk from Monforte Dairy in the Stratford, Ontario area.

Fabulous on toasted or fresh baguette. I was drinking a Duggan’s Sorachi beer with it and didn’t find that it stole any of the flavours from the cheese. Probably better to stick to neutral alcohol such as Sauvignon Blanc.


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